DJI Mavic Mini 2 | Review

Mavic Mini 2 in Nepal

Mavic Mini 2 brought us 4k video and Provided an option with raw Photos

DJI’s record breaking lightweight drone shoots in UHD

DJI is known for building the best drones who has it’s huge fanbase in Nepal, and it’s back to what we know the company for best: drones. The newest product is the Mavic Mini 2, which follows up on DJI’s smallest aircraft with the name of the aircraft in mind. With predictable inevitability, the Mavic Mini 2 improves on the Mavic Mini by adding some important features. After all, it is the DJI model that is at the most entry-level and probably too small, by design, to support some of the more advanced hardware that offers its more powerful skills.

What’s New in the Mavic Mini 2?

Well, with 30 fps the camera can now record 4K video. The original mini was tapped out at 2.7K. Cynics could say that the unavoidable “2” was almost a willful restriction (because they both seem to have the same sensor 1/2.3-inch and 12-megapixel). Now you can have a 4x zoom (2x lossless), which is a feature that we saw flowing into the wider Mavic line, including the recently launched Mavic Air 2. Photographers will also appreciate the possibility to shoot at RAW, something that did not offer the original.

A switch from “enhanced WiFi” to OcuSync 2.0’s OcuSync 2.0 video stream system is a less sexy but very worthwhile upgrade. This means that under ideal conditions, the maximum distance or range is more than doubled to around 4 kilometers or 10 kilometers. This typically means that the video feed will also remain stable over much greater distances. However, if you cannot see the drone, there is a good chance that you will fly too far out (depending on where you are).

Photo: David De la Iglesia / DIV Creativo

What we liked about the new Mavic Mini 2?

The thing that appears marginally different on the Mini 2 is the anticipated flight time. The original Mavic Mini already took 30 minutes to fly and you’re going to get around for another minute, according to DJI. Not a lot, but we’re more than happy to take it. Most of the rest looks the same as before. That includes the very important weight of 249 g (guideline under the FAA requirement). The DJI Mavic Mini 2 is also one of its category’s most portable 4K video drones.

Photo: zanychew / Pixabay

The design and appearance are also largely unaffected. The original Mini was one of DJI’s most visually humiliated drones, with a simple gray color scheme and visual flares. So it’s still a bit dull to look at but it doesn’t matter much, even if some of the design details on the airline have been nice to make it look visually unique from the drone it replaces.

There are a few more advantages on the software side, though the QuickShot selection seems the same (Helix, Circle, Rocket and Dronie come back together with Boomerang). QuickTransfer, Enhanced Photo and Trimmed Download, among other things — which are explained quite clearly by the names.

Is it worth 86k in Nepal?

In short, the Mavic Mini 2 will be an easy solution if you are drawn to the Mavic Mini for its dimensions or price, but turned off due to the absence of 4K or a less reliable WiFi transmission. That is, this time around it costs Rs. 86,000 compared to Rs.72,000, if you don’t mind swallowing extra Rs.14,000. When you talk about video quality and performance, it is much more worthwhile than Mavic Mini and has the same weight of 249grams. If you want to take your drone to hills or mountains in the main, like of Mavic Mini it will not be a problem because of windy conditions, unstable GPS signals and unstable jellow footages.

I crashed my Drone What to do?

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