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Nowadays drones are often available on market but have you ever thought of making your own drone at home? You might have saw on youtube how a drone freestyler is crashing, building and repeating the same step with his drone. Here is the quick tutorial how. In this post I will be teaching you how to make your own drone at home from scratch.

What will you need to make a drone?
The tools you need basically depends on the type of drone you need but in this tutorial I will teaching to make a simple drone that just flies. Parts required:

  • Motor
  • ESC
  • Flight controller
  • Frame
  • Transmitter (Remote control)
  • Receiver
  • Lipo Battery

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Creating Your drone

Now you have got all your parts follow the tutorial along:

1. Construct a frame
You can use your own material to make a quadcopter frame but you must notice that the material should be light enough like aluminium. I am using 20mm*20mm aluminium rod to make the frame and aluminum sheet for the center part.

  • Cut 4pcs of rod at the measurement of  225cms each.
  • Cut the aluminum sheet at the measurement of 12cms*12cms and make a square.
  • Join the rod and sheet drilling holes and screwing rigidly.

2. Assemble your drone motors
With this measure, you’ll want to create holes in your frame for the motors. After that, fix the motor to the frame with screws and a screwdriver.

You might realize the motors come with mounts that allow it to be much easier for you to affix them, if you’re creating a drone out of a kit.

3. Mount your electronic speed controls (ESCs)
After attaching the motors you will now need to attach the ESCs at the frame and connect 3 wire from ESCs to the motors respectively. Now tie down your esc to the frame with clean wiring.

4. Add your flight controller
A flight controller is a brain of the drone. This enables your drone to stay stable inflight, and make sense of each of the changes and changes in the wind. If it’s your first time building a drone, you can watch various tutorials in youtube for reference.

When you have found the controller, you want to mount it. Be sure that you install a sheet of sponge under the control to decrease the vibrations coming from the drone and to minimize the shortcircuit too.

5. Connect Betaflight/ Cleanflight/ Mission planner/ Librepilot to your drone
There are various application for configuring the flight controller you can find the right video at the web for your flight controller. However you will need a micro USB cable for your controller to configure through your PC.

Once you have completed this step you can now configure and check your drone is working perfectly via the software.

6. Require your drone for a spin!
Now you have complete all the hard work its time for you to make your drone fly. Please make sure you take it to the far place from the crowd, buildings and so on.

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