Our story

Since 2017, Quadcopters Nepal has been providing drone-related services in Nepal, including workshops, mapping, and videography. We were on the same level as many Nepalese who desired a drone but lacked the necessary knowledge. We delved into the process of importing products for all Nepalese, but the primary stumbling block was the payment method we needed to use to pay the Chinese wholesaler, as Nepalese banks do not support international payments, one of the disadvantages of being in a developing country.
Quadcopters Nepal previously concentrated on basic drone training in workshops, which were colloquially referred to as Flying Schools in Nepal. Additionally, we offer Technical Support for flying your drone in your country. Quadcopters Nepal also organizes an annual drone festival/competition (Drone Racing), which began in 2016 and has been held annually since.
However, we were able to manage the payment methods and streamline the business process. Numerous obstacles have been overcome to date, but we have overcome each and every one of them to get to where we are today. Additionally, we commit to providing a superior facility or service related to drones in Nepal.
DJI Drone Repairing in Nepal is another service we offer since late 2019. With a quality staffs handling all the drones and services we are glad that a advance service like this has been proposed in the context of Nepal. With more than 150 Drones repair till 2021 in Nepal we expect us to grow in the same pace within next year.
Quadcopters Nepal

Rohini Marga,Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu
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